The group dog training class environment adds an important dimension to your dog’s socialization skills as he learns self-control and focus in the presence of other dogs and people.

Private Lessons

PRIVATE LESSONS combine the advantages of individualized private dog training and flexible scheduling. Perfect for those who prefer full family participation or for behavior issues which are best addressed outside of a group setting.

Virtual Training

Virtual dog training is a flexible and convenient alternative or supplement to in-person private lessons. Many common training goals and solutions can be successfully achieved using the power and convenience of simple online meeting technology (like Zoom).

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PROBLEM: You want a better-behaved dog, especially around distractions. And you prefer a structured learning environment with lots of repetition. Plus your dog could use more mental stimulation outside of the home.

SOLUTION: TAKE YOUR DOG TO SCHOOL! Small dog training class size guarantees personalized attention. Climate-controlled indoor facility. Plenty of course offerings to choose from - Puppy to Adult/Beginner to Advanced. Class camaraderie included at no charge!


PROBLEM: You want a better-behaved dog, especially in the home. But your schedule is beyond crazy and, after a long day, you prefer the convenience of home sessions. Plus you want the whole family to participate.

SOLUTION: Choose HOME-BASED PRIVATES. We'll customize a plan to reach your goals and coach you on how to put the training in place. Or, choose DAY TRAINING and we'll put the training in place for you.

Get the best of both! Ask about our CUSTOM PROGRAMS!

Please Contact Us to discuss the best options for you and your dog.

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