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The Leash Between You: How to Stop Humans From Pulling on Leash

If dogs could talk, I’m fairly certain they would ask that we stop pulling on their leashes.  But wait, aren’t we the ones being uncomfortably dragged around by our dogs? The answer is …it goes both ways. They pull us in the direction…


COVID-19:  What to Expect When our Facility Reopens

We are so excited to announce our reopening on Sunday, June 21 and look forward to seeing you and your pups!  Our primary concern going forward is to protect the health of our customers, staff, and community at large as we continue to…


Bond With Your Dog: The Top Five Fun Activities to Try

   While man and dog have been best friends for thousands of years, you may be wondering how to better bond with your dog. Does your dog feel a close connection with you? Are they happy? Here are five ways you can bond…


Training Tools for Successful Sessions Outside the Home

  So you’re heading out the door with Fido.  Are you prepared to help him along the the way?  Always being prepared with the right training tools is an essential part of successfully teaching your dog to behave in public.  If you’re unprepared,…


6 Essential Skills All Dogs Should Know

While sit and lay down may be the first things you teach your new dog or puppy, there are a few essential skills all dogs should know. These behaviors promote focus, safety and good handling and may also prevent problem behaviors from forming.…


Our Intern Program

Attention Teachers, Instructors and Dog Lovers! Combine your passion for teaching and dogs. Immerse yourself in the world of professional dog training. Teach people and dogs how to live together in harmony. Use only force-free training methods. Make a positive impact on the…


The Connection Between Enrichment and Destructive Behavior

Does your dog like to chew? Did Fido ruin your carpet the last time you left him alone? Has your puppy ruined your new pair of shoes? Chewing and destructive behavior can be a major behavioral issue. It is also a large reason…


What’s the Difference Between Punishment and Reinforcement Training?

  What’s the difference between punishment and reinforcement training?  At first glance, the answer to this question may seem obvious.  But if you’ve ever tried to research dog training methodology, you may have come across terms like “reinforcement”, “punishment”, “positive” and “negative”.  But…


Why Add Play Sessions to Your Dog’s Training?

When you think of group dog training classes, you may think of rigid and strict training structures.  However, as science continues to teach us more about canine behavior and learning processes, we’ve come to realize the importance of play in the training arena. …


Canine First-Aid Kits: How to Make One for Your Dog

Whether you’re out on the road, or just staying home, a first-aid kit is a necessary tool. And, while you may think of having one for your family, having one for your dog is just as important! First-aid kits are especially important if…