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5 Essential Skills All Dogs Should Know

While sit and lay down may be the first things you teach your new dog or puppy, there are a few essential skills all dogs should know. These behaviors promote focus, safety and good handling and may also prevent problem behaviors from forming.…


Rally-O: For Leash Walking, Focus & Fun!

Looking for a fun new way to train with your dog? Bored of the traditional obedience class where everyone practices sit over and over in a line? If so, Rally-O may be just what you’re looking for. Rally-O is an interesting obedience course…


Leash Manners 101: Is Your Dog a Tugger?

When it comes to leash manners, or a lack thereof, undesirable behaviors vary from dog to dog, but generally fall into one of four categories:  the puller, the lagger, the lunger and the leash tugger.  Leash tugging is a common adolescent display reinforced in much the same way…


Leash Manners 101: 10 Steps to Better Leash Walking

Leash walking is one of the more challenging skills to teach a dog.  That’s largely because the human on the other end of the leash is 50% of the problem.  Here are some good leash handling practices to put into practice now so you can start…