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6 Essential Skills All Dogs Should Know

While sit and lay down may be the first things you teach your new dog or puppy, there are a few essential skills all dogs should know. These behaviors promote focus, safety and good handling and may also prevent problem behaviors from forming.…


Training Classes Benefit Adult Dogs, Too!

Most people may think of training classes as something done with only puppies. You teach the basics such as “sit”, “stay”, and “not chewing on the couch”, and are done, right? However, training doesn’t end once your puppy becomes an adult dog. Training…


Common Myths About Clicker Training

Clicker training is an exciting complement to training and a useful tool for instilling good behaviors. It can be used alongside traditional positive reinforcement training methods. It can also be used to help shape or train complicated behaviors by helping guide your dog…


Three Games to Encourage Good Behavior and Patience

Good behavior is important everywhere you go with your dog. However, the same old training routine can get boring. Games are a great way to improve behavior and responses to commands while adding some variety. They can be a fun way for you…


Training Class is More than Just “Learning Tricks”

You may have been looking into dog training classes to help teach Fido to sit or stay better. Or, you may be frustrated that Fluffy seems to be getting into the garbage every day now! While dog training classes are perfect for training…


Distraction Training – What’s your dog’s nemesis?

Last week you could walk your dog without seeing a soul the entire time – OK, maybe a bird or two.  Then voila, an early Spring day brings about people on the move, loose dogs roaming the neighborhood, pheasants and, wait for it….the…


Counter-Surfing: Dealing with Dogs that Surf

Here is a Q&A session between myself and a client about counter-surfing, a common challenge faced by dog owners: Q.  What’s the best way to stop a dog who has been successfully counter-surfing its whole life?  I have a 3 year old dog that…