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Bond With Your Dog: The Top Five Fun Activities to Try

   While man and dog have been best friends for thousands of years, you may be wondering how to better bond with your dog. Does your dog feel a close connection with you? Are they happy? Here are five ways you can bond…


The Connection Between Enrichment and Destructive Behavior

Does your dog like to chew? Did Fido ruin your carpet the last time you left him alone? Has your puppy ruined your new pair of shoes? Chewing and destructive behavior can be a major behavioral issue. It is also a large reason…


The Best New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Dog Happy

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people! Setting a resolution for your dog helps improve their health, encourages bonding, or just helps the two of you bond better. Whether it’s getting an overweight dog into shape, trying out a new hobby, or just…


Is a Flirt Pole Right for Your Dog?

You may have heard of a flirt pole but are unsure of what it is.  What is this tool and how is it used?  Read on to learn more about how a flirt pole might be a great addition to your dog’s training…


Play Time: Why Playing Is Beneficial for Your Dog

Can play benefit your dog? Do dogs like playing like people do? The answer is a resounding yes! Play can be beneficial for both your dog’s mind and body. It is a great way for your dog to bond with you and others.…


Puzzle Toys You Can Make and DIY At Home For Fun!

  Does your dog get bored with regular puzzle toys? Do you need a low-budget solution for fun activities? Homemade puzzle toys are a great way to stop boredom, add enrichment, and create some fun in your dog’s day! What are Puzzle Toys?…