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Why Add Play Sessions to Your Dog’s Training?

When you think of group dog training classes, you may think of rigid and strict training structures.  However, as science continues to teach us more about canine behavior and learning processes, we’ve come to realize the importance of play in the training arena. …


Puppy Basics: Before You Bring Home That Christmas Puppy

  A new puppy can be a great gift for the whole family. However, that adorable puppy eventually grows up into an adult dog. Dogs are a companion and responsibility for life, not just the holidays. While it may seem like a good…


Groomer Goodness: Preparing Your Dog For Handling at the Groomer

   Does your dog require regular grooming? Going to the groomer can be a scary, stressful situation for your dog. The loud noises, strange sights, and new smells can be very stressful. Being placed in a strange environment or with new people may…


Making Canine Introductions Easy

    Introducing your dog to a new dog, cat or pet can be a daunting experience. However, canine introductions don’t have to be hard, or even scary. Here are some ways to introduce your dog to various pets. Some key factors to remember…