We are so excited to announce our reopening on Sunday, June 21 and look forward to seeing you and your pups!  Our primary concern going forward is to protect the health of our customers, staff, and community at large as we continue to support local families and their dogs during this unique time.  Accordingly, we have adjusted some of our core services to comply with State mandates, CDC guidelines and industry best practices, which currently recommend social distancing for both people and pets. Going forward, our expanded services will include:

Please choose your training services based on your comfort level and your ability to comply with the following health and safety requirements:


  • Please DO NOT ATTEND CLASS or IN-PERSON PRIVATE SESSIONS if your answer to any of these questions is YES:
    • In the past 72 hours, have you or someone in your household experienced flu-like or respiratory symptoms? 
    • In the past 72 hours, have you or someone in your household had a fever without the use of medications?
    • Are you living with someone who is potentially sick with the COVID-19 virus?
    • Have you been in contact with someone who has had the COVID-19 virus within the last 14 days?
    • Have you traveled on public transportation such as plane, train, subway or bus within the last 14 days?
  • Our policy regarding missed classes and cancellations is relaxed for COVID-19 related absences.  Please immediately report any of the above health concerns to our office (Text 201-841-2163)  so we can track the need for makeup sessions in real time. 


  • While we love to promote full family participation, we must limit class attendance to one person per dog at this time.
  • Please text (201-841-2163) or email (training@itsyourdog.com) shot records in advance of class:
    • 6 months or older:  Rabies & Distemper
    • Under 6 months:  Last 2 Distemper or 1 Distemper + written vet permission
  • Upon arrival, please remain in your car or walk your dog on the grass.
  • Avoid congregating on the sidewalk area to allow the prior class to safely exit the building.
  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from staff, fellow classmates, and other dogs when on our property.
  • A staff member will announce when your class is beginning to assemble and will orchestrate entry into the facility, 1 dog-team at a time.
  • The area immediately inside the classroom door is reserved for check-out and check-in (paperwork, purchases, etc). Please be patient while the team before you completes their business.
  • We are allowing more time between classes to attend for cleaning, safe ingress/egress and other business.
  • Mask/face coverings are required to enter the building and shall be worn by all staff and participants for the duration of all (indoor and outdoor) classes.  No exceptions.  If you are unable to wear a mask in public, please consider our online training options.
  • Chairs will not be utilized during class.
  • Restroom will be closed to the public.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the door.
  • Staff will do their best to limit physical contact with your dog and will wear gloves if necessary to do so.


    • Mask/face coverings are required and shall be worn by all participants at all outdoor sessions.  No exceptions.  If you are unable to wear a mask in public, please consider our online training options.