We are currently offering...

  • Private in-home lessons (you do the training)
  • Day training (we do the training)
  • Online (live) group classes
  • Coaching for Separation Anxiety
  • In person group classes will resume in Spring 2023

Virtual dog training is a flexible and convenient alternative or supplement to in-person private lessons and group classes.  Many common training goals and solutions can be successfully achieved using the power and convenience of simple online meeting technology (like Zoom). Live, interactive sessions enable us to observe your dog and provide feedback in real-time, and to apply skills directly within your home or other context.  We share audio/visual support materials thru Zoom and you receive a recorded video link after each session for future reference.  Virtual sessions are the perfect option for:

  • Dogs that are fearful and/or reactive of guests in the home
  • Dogs that don’t travel well
  • Separation Anxiety cases
  • Goals that involve training the humans more than the dog (such as housebreaking, mouthing and destructive chewing)
  • Long-distance clients
  • And much more!


Luey was taught to go to his OWN bed

                      Luey video

In her Google review, Luey’s mom describes her remote training experience as:

  • different than anything we’ve experienced
  • truly life-changing
  • took us by surprise at how effective it really is!

“WE were the ones learning hands-on how to train our dog!”

Ashley G. ~ Sparta NJ


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